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3.1 Process Manager

The process manager displays a list of all the processes running on an Erlang node, and offers commands to manipulate them.

C-c C-d l
Popup a process manager buffer. (erl-process-list)

Within the process manager's buffer, the following commands are available:

Quit the process manager, and restore the Emacs windows as they were before it popped up.
Update the process list.
Kill a process.
Pop up a buffer showing all the information about a process. The buffer also continuously traces the process by appending events to the buffer, until the buffer is killed with q.
Show a piece of information about the process, specified by name. The name can be any key accepted by the process_info/2 BIF.
Show a backtrace for a process. The backtrace is a fairly low-level snapshot of the stack of a process, obtained from process_info(P, backtrace). It may take a little pratice to learn how to read them.
Show the contents of a process's mailbox.